Our skin sometimes produces darker pigments in certain locations that clash with those on the rest of our body. Clients wishing to address pigment issues under the armpits can consult with us at TIKSHA. Our goal at TIKSHA is to provide a painless underarm whitening treatment that doesn’t require any downtime. Besides removing thin hairs, it can also give you smooth, clear skin that is much more pleasing to the eye. If you have pigment issues, you won’t have to concern yourself with how your skin looks or feels naturally.

How Does The Procedure Work?

It is a painless and well-tolerated laser treatment for underarm whitening. To protect your eyes, goggles are provided for you to wear. It is possible that you may feel a tingling sensation after the laser treatment. The procedure is completely painless. Do I Need to Take Time Off After the Laser Treatment? A laser underarm whitening treatment doesn’t involve any significant downtime. You may feel tingling and mild redness on your skin occasionally. After the procedure, you’ll usually be able to resume your normal activities within a few minutes. You can resume normal activities soon after the procedure and use lightening products prescribed by your physician.

When Can I Expect Results?

There is a direct relationship between depth, severity, and skin type and how much improvement can be expected. Pigmentation will generally begin to improve approximately six weeks after treatment. Due to the body’s immune system, the pigmented particles fragmented by the infection are slowly reabsorbed.