Your eyes are the portals to your soul. The desire for beautiful eyes is universal. They can become sunken and hollow with the appearance of dark circles due to various factors like ageing, nutritional deficiency, fat loss, smoking, etc. This gives the face a sickly look, and affects the overall appearance.

Furthermore, as we age, the delicate area of skin near the eyes becomes thinner and more translucent, resulting in volume loss. Eventually, dark circles and bags will appear – making you look tired even when you are feeling great. The lateral and medial cheek edges begin to descend lower and sag, appearing hollowed and sunken, as we age. These tend to make the face look duller.

Is darkening around the eyes caused by anything specific?

Despite the best concealers, the sunken appearance created by the loss of tear trough volume is impossible to conceal with minimal volume loss. This is starting to occur in the mid-30s for many people.

Is this treatment effective for a long time?

Due to the placement, the plane on which it is laid, and the techniques used, the results tend to last for years. The results of this technique are very long lasting and patients tend to be pleased with the results for many years after their treatment. However, if Dr. (name) were to use the same filler in facial folds, this would only last six months or a year.


  • After your appointment, wait a week before booking a facial or massage
  • To reduce swelling, use an ice pack three to four times a day
  • If possible, avoid sleeping on your belly following treatment