In general, skin lightening or skin whitening are highly sought after because they give the person undergoing the treatment the appearance of being “fresh”. TIKSHA Clinic in Chennai offers the very best skin care treatment.

At TIKSHA, we go beyond the consultation when it comes to skin whitening. There is also equal importance given to diet counselling and post-treatment care, as the approach is holistic. Treatments for skin whitening, yield results you can count on for a lifetime. Today, pollution is one of the leading causes of skin ageing. In the presence of UV rays and heat, as well as pollution, the skin becomes lifeless. In addition to rejuvenating and enhancing the skin, skin lightening can also produce a feeling of freshness everyone so desperately desires. TIKSHA provides permanent skin whitening treatment using state-of-the-art equipment and professional treatments, helping to achieve results that are long lasting.


  • Reduce stubborn and unwanted pigmentation
  • Reducing the appearance of photo-damage on the skin
  • Controlling oil secretion
  • Helping to reduce the size of pores and prevent breakouts.
  • Increasing skin luminosity, tone, and glow.

When will skin lightening treatments start producing results?
Skin type, skin conditions, pigmentation type, and depth of pigmentation all play a role in whether this will work for you or not. It is possible to notice significant progress after just one session, however, we recommend a course of treatment. Pigmentation is removed with lasers by destroying pigment on the skin’s surface. In the following weeks, the pigmentation leaves the body gradually through the lymphatic system. Within four to six weeks, results can be observed.

Do skin lightening treatments require multiple sessions?

To achieve the results you desire, our Dermatologist will help you determine the number of sessions you need.