Hair growth factors are concentrated from patient’s blood, making it a highly effective treatment. Growth factor therapy also has an extremely long-lasting effect.

This product is excellent for removing dandruff, stopping hair fall, improving hair volume and thickness, and concealing bald patches. No side effects are associated with it, and it comes with zero risk.
The blood contains a variety of cells, including fibroblasts, as well as powerful cells such as A cells. New hair cells are generated by these cells, replacing old cells and rejuvenating the hair.

An increase in GFC concentration enhances facial rejuvenation results as well as hair regrowth in people with hair loss.

Platelets (type of blood cells) store a variety of growth factors. With specially designed Kits, TIKSHA’s dermatologists have been able to isolate these growth factors in high concentration from people’s own blood. Through GFC injections in the scalp and skin (face and neck), the body is able to supply high concentrations of its own growth factors. Repair and regeneration are thereby stimulated.

The effects of GFC therapy are seen after three sessions:

  • Reduced hair fall
  • Improved hair thickness
  • Increased in hair volume

Treatment at the TIKSHA Clinic:

• Includes scalp examinations through various tests performed at the clinic only.
• An expert trichologist diagnoses and treats hair loss according to its causes.
When hair loss runs in families, women with strong family hair loss histories are advised to have one session per month for 3-6 sessions.
• Maintaining hair growth requires one maintenance session every three months. There are no side effects since the patient’s own blood is used for hair growth.
• Vitamins and ferritin levels should be checked in the blood to ensure appropriate results. A local anaesthetic is used to perform this procedure.

The procedure lasts between one and two hours. Patients are able to return to work immediately after.