There is nothing more irritating and embarassing than white flakes of dust. The condition is referred to as dandruff, and many friends and colleagues suggest using a special shampoo to control it. Many people don’t understand exactly what dandruff is or why professional help is necessary.

As a skin condition, dandruff refers to flakes of dead skin which fall from the scalp. What causes dandruff are:

• The skin is extremely dry.
• Excessive shampooing
• Psoriasis
• Skin eczema
• Sensitivity to cosmetic products


It is obvious from the causes of dandruff that the best treatment is to have a close dermatological examination. Additionally, dandruff is often an early indication for a host of other problems, and therefore, it is important to consult a specialist in order to find the root causes and come up with feasible solutions. Dandruff treatment regimens aim to eliminate itchy scalps and dandruff issues, while also tackling core problems, including dry-scalp, and increasing the hair follicles.

What makes TIKSHA the best for anti-dandruff treatment?

Anti-dandruff treatments are plentiful, but their effectiveness requires a close dermatological scrutiny. In addition, dandruff serves as an early indicator for a host of other complex problems. Hence, it is best to consult a specialist to get a comprehensive understanding of the causes and possible solutions. Dandruff treatment regimens not only address the itchiness of the scalp and dandruff problem; but also target the core issue of acne. This results in a stronger hair follicle and a more moisturized scalp. We provide a comprehensive analysis at TIKSHA, where we formulate an antidandruff regimen that is effective against dandruff.

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