Treatments for acne aren’t one-size-fits-all. Those who aren’t pleased with prescription creams and antibiotics – or who aren’t willing to tolerate the side effects medication may cause – might want to consider treatments their physician can provide.

Some medical procedures that are performed in clinics, such as light therapy, chemical peeling, and steroid injections, may help.
Your expectations should be realistic whichever acne treatment you choose. Generally, acne cannot be cured, only controlled. For most treatments, you won’t see improvements for four to eight weeks.

What’s the best time to begin acne treatment?

It is important to treat acne as soon as it appears. Whenever you feel irritated by acne or if the potential for scarring develops, you should seek treatment. When severe acne suddenly appears, or when mild, stubborn acne doesn’t go away, or even a single pimple pops up just before a big event.

How can the doctor treat acne?

  • Laser Treatments: Laser treatments, both alone and in combination with photosensitizing dyes, have seen considerable success in recent years. They are highly effective and safe. Laser treatment is best utilized as add on to conventional therapy, instead of a substitute. We offer laser treatment for skin problems at the TIKSHA Clinic in SriPerumbudur at affordable prices.
  • Chemical peels: Whether they are superficial peels done by aestheticians or deep ones performed by doctor’s offices, chemical peels are modest solutions that only work as supports. Chemical peels are not an alternative to regular therapy.
  • Treatment for Acne Scars: Acne goes away but leaves ugly scars, but several options are available to treat acne scars. In today’s times, acne scars that are deep and depressed can be raised via various surgical procedures. Shallow acne scarring can be smoothed out by a laser procedure. As compared to older methods, advanced laser resurfacing is more effective and less intrusive, it also allows faster healing, although it must be repeated several times for the results to be seen.